Monday, November 12, 2012

Staying in Orange!

Sister Layton with a young man who clearly has exceptional taste

Hello my dearest family,

Sorry to hear that Obama won. That is too bad. Eric, your letters make me laugh!! 

Well, ready to hear where I am going for transfers?! I am staying here in the City of Orange again!! Wahoo! :) That will make it at least 9 months here. 

Sister Poulson and I are training the new sister together. Her name is sister Budge and she comes in tomorrow. We will be picking her up at Four. I am really excited! 

We went to the training meeting this week at Presidents house and learned a lot about how we can be good trainers. We will be starting the 12 week program with her which means two hours of companionship study instead of one. I think she is from Utah somewhere near Salt Lake City. I am looking forward to getting to know her this week. 

Well, funny thing that happened this week. Remember how I told you guys I'm never going to get pulled over? Well, I didn't know you could get pulled over on foot. Haha! We were on a street where the crosswalk was far down and so we waited until there weren't any cars and ran across. Then I looked over and this motorcycle cop comes around the corner and put his lights on, he said, "Stop right there girls!" Then he said you girls don't speak Spanish so you don't have an excuse for not reading the signs. I should have started speaking Spanish and acted like I didn't understand him, but I didn't think of that until after. Oh well. I guess we wont be J-walking anymore. 

Well this week we had zone conference and Elder Kopischke from the Seventy spoke. It was about 6 hours long but it was so great! President and Sister Bowen spoke as well. :) 

As for [Brother X], he told us that he was going to come to church no matter what again this week and didn't show up. :( We even called him before and he said that he coming. We still haven't talked to him about why he didn't come but it was so sad! 

The District on P Day
Last night we knocked into a former investigator and he told us to come in and talk to both him and his daughter. We made a return appointment and he said that he was going to have his wife and son come as well. He has been to church before and said he liked it.
It is always hard to find a whole family to teach here so I am excited to come back and teach them. 

Well, not much more happened this week. I love you all! Have a great week! :) Oh one more thing, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! :) Oh yeah, and I taught my companion how to do the rubix cube and so we are probably doing it in the talent show for the ward party this week.

Curtis that is awesome that you got to go shooting! You look different and older. :'( Remember I said not to change.

(We no sooner received Briana's letter than we got another quick note from Eric, who is leaving the Guatemalan MTC tomorrow morning. He said this:

Hmmmm well good job getting pulled over Briana. That´s pretty great. Did you get a ticket or anything or just a warning? Apparently all the cops here are corrupt and they don´t ever pay attention to stuff like that so I should be safe. I probably jay walk all I want! Pretty cool. Well I don´t even know if they have crosswalks here. Well it´s great here with or without crosswalks. Oh yeah apparently pedestrians here have no rights like in the states so You just have to hope you aren´t hit by a truck or something. That wouldn´t be very fun at all.) 

(Later in the day, we got a second email.)

You get two emails today, Happy anniversary!!!

Well, my companions computer wasn't working earlier and so she didn't get to email. So here we are again. I forgot to tell you about those pictures that I sent earlier. We went to a huge trampoline gym for our P day activity last week. They had a big foam pool that you could jump into from the trampolines and other random stuff. The last picture was the P day before when we carved pumpkins and played soccer. As you can see, I wasn't in the picture. It was because I was out playing soccer.

It was so fun! We always have the best zone activities. Today we went to the Book store because my companion needed something there. We had gift cards from a member for a restaurant right next to it. We thought that we would go use them since we were in the area. Well, before we got inside this guy ran out of the restaurant and said "Hey sisters!

My boss wants to buy you lunch." We went in there are they were having a big business meeting. It turns out that most of them were LDS except for a couple and then they were all trying to convince the others to listen to us. He bought us lunch and then they had to go. One of the guys there said that his brother is in Eric's mission but I forgot to ask his name. There was also a guy who's girlfriend lives in Bend but the name wasn't familiar. When I was in the Bookstore the girl working there said that she just got home from her mission in Arizona and it was the same mission as my friend. Well it turns out that she knew him and was in his same district for a transfer. Such a small world! Hmm..

I don't know what else happened this week. Have any of the cousins put in their mission papers yet? When will Michael and Dallin leave again?


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