Monday, June 4, 2012

Excited For Eric

Hermana Layton in SoCal
Woah Eric I never thought you would go to Guatemala. That is so awesome! Holy cow, I am so excited for you!!!!! You are going to love it so much. I am pretty sure that is where one of my companions from the MTC went. That is seriously so cool!!! :) :)

Eric I am so proud of you and the example you are to our family. The mission will change your life! All of the missionaries around me know where you are going too cause I just got super excited when I read it. :) I know that is exactly where the Lord needs you, and there are people there waiting for you.

That is pretty awesome that you will go to the CCM there. My companion said that when she was in the CCM in Guatemala she couldn't understand anything but learned way faster there then the Provo one becauseshe didn't really have another choice. You should take mission prep at BYU. :)

Anyway, this week has been probably the busiest week of my mission. My new district is awesome! Three of our Elders left and we got three different ones. Two of them are on bikes. :/ I feel bad because the areas are pretty big.

I am so blessed to have Sister Breitenstein back. She is such an amazing companion and is teaching me so much every day. I love working with her.

At Balboa Island
This week we had something pretty cool happen. There was a guy that we were teaching right when I got to the mission and he was wanting to make changes in his life but he had to move because of his job. We'll just this last week we had an appointment with a lady but she wasn't home so we started walking down the street and this same guy rode by on his bike. When he saw us he stopped and was so happy to see us. He had just moved back here because the job hadn't worked out and asked us if we could set up an appointment with him. He wants us to teach him again! We are so excited!

We had baptism date last week for one of our investigators but she can never get to church so we had to move it back. She always tells us that she will come but sadly hasn't been able to yet.

The sister that just got baptized in our ward has been helping us out a lot. She always is giving us names of her friends to teach. She is a great member missionary!

Well, thats about all for this week, not a lot new. I am so excited for Eric's news and know that he is going to be a great missionary!! :D Love you all so much!

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