Monday, May 13, 2013

It Was So Clear to Me Where We Needed to Go

Hey family! 

It was so great talking on the phone for mothers day. I just wish it could have been a little bit longer. I hope you had a good mothers day mom. I am so lucky to have the most amazing mom in the world!! :) You really are the best! 

Well, this week was great! For mothers day we had a ward party and __________ came. It was kinda funny because we got there at 6 when it was supposed to start and no one was there except the guy setting up the food. Ana Lilia came at like 6:10 and felt really bad that she came late, but then she walked in the gym and saw that no one was there. We had told her that it was going to be a really fun mothers day party and we felt so bad when she came in! 

People didn't really come until about 6:30 or 6:45 but when people actually came she had a ton of fun. She made a lot of new friends in the ward. She is still planning on getting baptized next weekend and she's so excited about it. We still have to teach her a few of the commandments this week so hopefully all goes well. We taught her about fasting for a purpose this week and she said that we was going to fast that her children would be open to listening to us. She really wants her family to accept the gospel.

We also are teaching a man named _________. He said he was only going to be here for a few weeks because he is here for work, but he just got asked to stay until October. That means that his wife is coming down too and we will be able to start teaching her. Anyways, he is super smart. He read the restoration pamphlet that we gave him when we met him at the door and remembered everything about it. He really seems to understand everything that we are teaching. 

I know for a fact that Heavenly Father led us to him. I had one of the most amazing experiences of my mission this week when we found him. It was a hard day because many of our appointments fell through and every person we talked to did not want to listen at all. We went to a complex to knock some doors and I was just praying to myself that we would know where we needed to be and who we needed to talk to. We started at one end and knocked a few, but none of them wanted to listen. 

Well after about the third house I had an experience that I will never forget. It was so clear to me where we needed to go. I looked to my companions and pointed to an apartment across the complex and said come on we need to go there. We walked down the stairs, and across the complex and knocked on the door.  That is when we met ________. He was very open and and really wanted to learn more. 

His family is away from him right now for work and he thought that is was amazing that we were away from our families to share this message. Anyways we went back to teach him and it went well. I know for a fact that we were led to him. Whether or not he accepts this message right now, I know that we were supposed to be there. I am so grateful for the guidance of our Heavenly Father in this work because we would not be able to do it without him. I know that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers and wants to lead us to those who are ready for the Gospel.

We had a sisters meeting this week and I am pretty sure it is my last one. President and sister Bowen spoke and also asked me to speak. It was so amazing looking down at all of the new sister missionaries. I am so grateful to have been here to be able to see so many changes in the mission with all of the new sisters coming in and with the age change. There are so many now that we couldn't do the meeting at president's house. We had to do it at a chapel. This work is amazing and is growing so fast! I'm loving it out here! It is such a blessing to share the gospel! :) Well I have to get going. Love you all!! :)

~Hermana Layton

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