Monday, May 27, 2013

This Week's Letter is Like Her Time Left - Short

Hey fam!

Ok so I have a lot to say and not a lot of time at all. It has been an amazing week. We just got back from the Helotada which was a big stake activity. I was able to see everyone from my old wards and it was tons of fun. The best part was that I got to play soccer like all day today!! So fun!!! We wanted to stay longer but we are already running late with everything that we have to get done today. Anyways... we are standing in the apple store emailing. All of the libraries are closed but luckily the apple store is not.

____________'s baptism was so amazing and she was able to get confirmed on Sunday. Both of her kids came to the baptism. _________ loved it and now has a baptism date for the 9th of June. She is so cute and smiles so big every time we talk about her baptism. ___________'s son hasn't wanted anything to do with us but I think the baptism softened him up a lot. He usually gets up and leaves when we come over but last night he stayed out in the living room while we taught. We asked him if we could start teaching him and he said yes! We have an appointment to go back tomorrow so we are super excited. 

We have been teaching a man named __________ and he is progressing really well. He came to church yesterday and loved it, and he really wants to come again next week. The only problem is that he talks so much! It is really hard to teach him. We haven't been able to talk about baptism yet but we will soon! Its funny because when we go over to teach he always feels like he is supposed to feed us and always sends us home with lots of food. His friend (a recent convert from the ward) always brings food to the lessons too. He has seen the changes in his friends life from when he joined the church and he wants that too so its pretty cool.

This weekend our transfer calls again and it will be my last one. I hope I will stay in the area but who knows. There have been so many changes lately. Ill tell you about it next week! Hasta luego!


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