Monday, July 15, 2013

Well Done Hermana Layton

Wow.. I cannot believe that I am writing my last email! It didn't really hit me that I was leaving until I packed up all of my stuff last night. Uhh... It's going to be hard to leave... but I am excited to see everyone back home. 

It has been an amazing last week here in the mission field. Our investigators are doing great. _______ got confirmed on Sunday and he looked so happy. :) Also, ________ got baptized on Sunday and will be getting confirmed next week! I was so happy that I was still here for it. We had such a powerful lesson with him last week. He had a few doubts, but the spirit was so strong in the lesson and he couldn't speak because he was going to cry. He told us later that he doesn't cry in front of people so thats why he couldn't talk. Anyways, he felt ready for baptism after that. I am very grateful for the spirit that guides the lessons we teach. Without that guidance we would not be able to meet their needs. Anyways, we are teaching a lot of other people too and should have some baptisms coming up soon. I know that my companions will take good care of this area and the people here. 

This week I had some of the most interesting food on my mission. For district lunch I had tacos de lengua y tacos de cabeza (tongue and brain tacos). I actually really liked it. Maybe when we visit the mission we can go there so mom and Curtis can have the experience. Yeah that sounds like a good idea. :) What do you think dad?  We also were at a members this week and and she was feeding us tacos. When she brought it out it looked a little funny so I asked her what kind of meat it was. She kept telling us it was chicken but then her daughter came out and said, "Umm... I don't think thats chicken..." Haha turns out it was pig neck. It was kinda weird but it wasn't too bad I guess. Dad I'm sure you had all kinds of food like that on your mission right? (Not to my knowledge, no -  but probably.)

I am sooooo excited that Alexa is coming to this mission!!! The companions that I have had are all spread out now and a couple of them just got training calls for this coming transfer. There is a good chance that she will be with one of them, or at least be able to meet them. Most likely she will be in my same zone because that's where most of the sisters who are coming in will be. She is absolutely going to love it!!!!! I really hope I get to see her in the airport! :) Sister Budge just took my place as the coordinating sister so she might be able to go on an exchange with Alexa.

Well,  Sorry I don't have a lot to say. If I forgot anything I will tell you tomorrow. :) Love you all! 

~Hermana Layton

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