Monday, July 1, 2013

The Mission is So Amazing and Life Changing

Hey everyone!

We have had a great week full of miracles and blessings. I just love being a missionary! 

The first miracle was with _______. When we first met him he didn't believe in God. He didn't want anything to do with us. Slowly he started opening up more and more. Well this week when we were teaching him we asked if he believed in God. He said yes because he has been feeling something different. Then we asked him if he believes that this church is true and he said, "Yes because everything you taught just confirmed the feelings that I have been having." He really understands what we are teaching and asks very good questions. This Sunday he came to church with his family for the first time. It has been such a miracle to see the change in him and in their entire family. 

Church has been a little hard for ___________ because she doesn't understand as much spanish, but her mom doesn't understand a lot in english. We hope she will start to like it more. Anyways, _______'s baptism date was for the 14th of July but his mom has to work that afternoon and so they asked if we could do it on the 7th! We are so excited for him. Also _______ is still doing really well. He was supposed to get baptized this last Sunday but we needed a little more time so he is planning on doing it this weekend on the 6th. He is going to be a great member! 

Lets see what else... We went over to our investigator _________'s house to drop him because he was not progressing at all but he pretty much asked us to keep coming and said that he is ready to act and start reading and coming to church. Hopefully he will start progressing now. We have been teaching __________ for a while now and he finally accepted a baptism date for the 21st of July, and we have started teaching his family as well. He is really trying to change bad habits in his life and come closer to his family. We know that the Gospel is going to help him a lot. :) 

Early this week we found another lady and she accepted a baptism date for the 21st of July as well. She wasn't home for our last appointment though so hopefully we will be able to find her again. Lately we have started working with a less active family. They are coming back to church but it is actually really sad. Their 8 year old son has cancer and tumors all over his body. He probably doesn't have much longer to live. He is the sweetest little boy and it has been a special experience to be able to teach him. Their family has been so strong and we are just praying that they will be ok. Well, I am definitely going to miss it out here when I have to go. The mission is so amazing and life changing. 

This week I went on exchanges with sister Morley and Rollins in Anaheim. It was fun to be back there and get to see some of the members again. It was also fun to be with my old companions. They are working so hard and definitely taking care of our area in Anaheim. :) Mom to answer your questions about Sister Nnah's hair, yes we had to take out all of the braids but we cut it so short because those were actually extensions. (That makes more sense.) Her hair is shorter so I wasn't actually cutting her real hair. It just makes it go a little faster doing it that way. It was definitely a project though! Haha. Under all of those pretty extensions she has a fro! It was pretty funny. She is from Boston, but her parents are from Nigeria. Cool huh?

Next week I might not email until Tuesday because we get to go on a temple trip. I was so happy that I get to go again before I go home! :)  Well thats it for the week. Love ya all!

Hermana Layton :)

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  1. Sister Layton is a credit to her family and to that mission. What a hard working gal, and always looks so happy in her pictures! Can't wait to give her a hug!