Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Out of Her Comfort Zone

I am over half way done in the MTC. I fly to California on March 6th.
I cannot believe how fast time goes by here! It has been another great week. I need to figure out how to get the time to slow down. I will definitely miss the MTC when I leave.

I think Heavenly Father has been teaching me to go out of my comfort zone. Last Sunday there was a missionary conference, and the MTC President spoke. He said that he wanted to invite a few missionaries up to bear their testimonies. He made a list of a few people that he had met and called a couple of them up to bear their testimonies. He said that if there was extra time he would call another missionary. Luckily they ran out of time, because later that day I was walking by and President Brown said "Sister Layton, you were next on my list." Then he said, "next time!"

Great...I was thinking of how nervous I would be to speak in from of all the missionaries in the MTC. I thought I got out of it, but that same night the Branch President asked if I would say the prayer at the missionary fireside on Sunday. I guess I didn't get out of it... :) I haven't said a prayer in English in over a month. Hopefully I can remember how. Hahaa!

On Saturday our zone leaders asked the Hermanas to do a musical number in Sacrament Meeeting. Hermana Newton and I played the piano and the other two hermanas sang. Since neither of us actually play the piano, we both just learned one hand and then played it together. It was funny. I dont have any musical talent but for some reason they have been having me conduct the music in Sacrament Meeting. Im used to it now though.
Next Sunday I am also giving the prayer in Sacrament Meeting in Spanish. I'm not really nervous for that though after everything else. It has been good for me to have so many opportunities to get out of my comfort zone because I know as a missionary I will have to do it all of the time. I can't believe how much I learn every single day here. I love it!
Thank you everyone for the letters. I am trying to write everyone back soon.
I don't think Brad is in this MTC... I'm pretty sure he went to the one in Brazil. I could be wrong though (Brad Marley is in the Provo MTC). Curtis is in trouble for officially passing me up!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the package. I got it today. :) My companion said thank you and that it made her day.
I have learned to be so patient!
I loved Erics letter and Curtis's Valentines card! :)
That is so nice of Brother Bone! :) (Brother Bone creates the ward bulletins and put a huge plug in the bulletin for members to remember their missionary. He's too good.) What is his address? I want to send him a thank you card. I was wondering why Sister Bonkosky sent me a package full of cookies, but now that makes sense. That was so nice of her! Please tell her thank you. I will send her a thank you card too.
Well familia, miss you!! Eric and Curtis, MISSIONS ROCK! :) Paz. Love you all! :)

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