Monday, April 16, 2012

Investigators on Temple Grounds

Briana's District
This has been a crazy week. I was worried that we wouldn't have time to email today but luckily we made it. Transfers were this weekend and they usually leave your trainers with you until you are done with the training program. We were told that we would all be together again this transfer. 
We had our day all planned out and we got a call this morning from the Assistants to the President saying that there was a last minute change and my companion Hermana Breitenstein needed to go to Anaheim for a couple of weeks. One of the sisters didn't get her visa and isn't here yet. We had to go to the meeting right then during our usual email time. Now I just have one companion.

Hermanas Vilches, Breitenstein and Layton
It was sad that she has to go, but I'm glad we will get her back in in a couple of weeks. She helps me out so much. Hermana Vilches is the coordinating sister so she goes on exchanges a lot. It is going to be way different now because I won't have Hermana Breitenstein to help.

Let's just say that I am really hoping these next two weeks will be exchanges with the Spanish speaking sisters so I have some help communicating with the people. :) If not then I know that I will at least have the Lords help. I know that if I work hard and am prepared then he wll help me know what to say. It will definitely be a good experience even if it's hard.

We had our temple tour this weekend. It was great! One of our investigators came with her three boys and there were many other investigators who came as well from all around our mission. We walked around the temple and a member from our ward talked about the it. We went back to the church building and they were able to walk around and look at the paintings on the wall. It was such a good opportunity for the investigators to feel the spirit. I am so grateful for the temple. I know it is the house of the Lord and love the spirit that is there.
Newport Beach Temple
Mom that is awesome that you signed up to go out with the missionaries. Member lessons are the best and they help so much. You would be great! Eric, congrats on winning 1st place! I am excited for you!! That's seriously awesome! I can't believe that you can turn your papers in so soon. Santa Vaca!!!

You should ask bishop for a copy of "Preach My Gospel" and read through it. That would be one of the best ways to prepare for a mission. I am sooo excited for you and can't wait to find out where you are going.
Curtis, stop growing and do not change until I get home. Pretty please! Ok, good.
Hope all is well with the best family in el mundo. Love you guys so much.

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