Monday, April 23, 2012

Off to Jail

Hola familia! We had exchanges on Saturday. One of the girls from Anaheim came with me for the day and my companion went there. She speaks Spanish so that helped a lot.
Guess what I did for the first time ever... I went to jail!! We had an investigator we were teaching and when she was coming back from Mexico she didn't have her passport. She was about to get baptized before she left for Mexico. They have this place where you can visit them through the wall with a little phone. We taught her a lesson and sang a hymn for her. She has changed so much and said that she is getting baptized once she is out. I think she just has about a month left.

Sister Layton in Front of the Newport Beach Temple

Mom you asked what a typical day is here for me. Usually we wake up and get ready for the day and then do personal study for an hour. Then we have two hours of companionship study. When my training is over it will just be an hour. After that we have an hour of language study and then lunch. The rest of the day we go out and either teach people or try to find more people to teach. We are working with the members in the ward and trying to get as many contacts from them as we can.

Dad in your last letter you talked about working with the members. The best way to find people to teach is definitely through them. We do go tracting a lot as well. We met this guy while we were knocking doors who was baptized when he was eight and remembered passing the sacrament when he was twelve but he said he lived at least three hours away from a church so he never went. He started singing the hymns that he remembered and we are trying to get him to come back to church.

I am excited for this week. We have some families that we found street contacting who seemed like they really wanted to know more. We have appointments with them this week. I love the people here. I am so grateful to be serving in this mission!

Sister Layton and an Elder from the District

Mom, you also asked how often I speak Spanish (with her companions). I need to speak it more with my companion. Usually we speak English. It has been a goal that I have had lately to speak more.

Oh also there was a little earthquake today. I was wondering if I would ever feel one while I was here. I was just standing in our living room getting ready to leave and we just started shaking. At first I thought that someone was jumping on the roof. It was funny.

Well, I hope you know how grateful I am for all of your examples. I know that this church is true. The Gospel is so amazing and I feel so blessed for the knowledge that I have. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that through Him we can change and be better. I love being a missionary!!!

Sister Layton and District Elder

I sent Kelsey a Birthday card to BYU but if she is in London then she probably didn't get it. Could you wish her a happy birthday for me? Even though it was a while ago now. Eric you are going to love college. Make sure you work hard though. It might be fun, but it's not always easy. Good job with your talk. Curtis that is so cool that you are doing a survivor challenge!! You should tell me more about it. Stop growing. Mom you ROCK! Dad I am writing you today!! You all are the best. LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH! :) Mothers day is coming up woo! Then we can talk on the phone.

OK. byeeeee.

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