Monday, May 21, 2012

The Mission is Changing My Life

That is awesome that Eric's papers are going to be in. I am going to guess Brazil. Even though I kinda have a feeling he might go to some weird crazy place. I know he doesnt want to learn Spanish as much, but I'm kinda hoping he goes Spanish speaking. :) 
Newport Beach Temple

We have a new rule in the mission that temple days are no longer on P days! Wahoo! That means that I probably shouldn't ever have a problem emailing home on P days. At least I hope anyway. Transfers get crazy, but I will try to make sure that email is at the top of the list. :)
The Hallmans and the Adams sent me a package. I loved it, and the letters from the kids made me want to cry. They were so sweet! I miss them!

It's been a crazy week, but so good. We changed the dates for our investigators baptisms. One of them just got married this weekend and is getting baptized tomorrow night! We are so excited for her. Her husband and boys are going to come. The husband hasn't wanted anything to do with the missionaries, but has opened up a lot lately. He has been talking to us now and even coming to some of the ward activities.
Our other investigator still hasn't been able to come to church and is not keeping all of her commitments so we need to move her date back. We are meeting with her today, and hopefully she will be able to come to the baptism tomorrow. We had another temple tour this last week.

Our recent convert came with us and he loved it! We haven't had a lesson with him yet about temples so it was good for him to go on the tour.

Next Monday is the end of transfers so there is a chance that I will have a different companion then, and like I said before, I have heard rumors that Hna. Breitenstein is coming back! :)
Grandma and Grandpa Layton asked a question about our lessons... When we are teaching men, we have to have a member come with us unless there is a woman at home. We can teach women with just the two of us though. That's what was nice when I had two companions, we were able to teach anyone. It's always good to have members with us though because they can be friends with those we are teaching and it helps a lot and makes them feel more comfortable at church.

Well time is up, but I know that the church is true. The mission is changing my life. I love this gospel! :)

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