Monday, July 2, 2012

The Gospel Can Change Lives For the Better

Sister Layton at a Ward Party
Hola familia!
The sisters activity this week was a lot of fun. It is nice to hang out with sisters sometimes since our zone and distrect is all Elders.

We did a lot of tracting this week because so many of our appointments fell through. We had 17 set appointments this week with some pretty awesome people, and all of them fell through except for two. It makes me sad because these people don't know what they are missing out on.

The gospel can change lives for the better and so many people dont understand how great is is until they try living it. We changed the appointments for some of them and the others just weren't home when we went. Mom, you asked about the lady who had a dream about us. We went back this week to visit her but she was walking out as we got there. We are planning on going back soon but we haven't taught her again since then. 
Sisters Activity
We were planing on going by Sunday to try to get her to come to church but we got a phone call of an old lady who wanted us to come talk to her friend. She said that her friend was asking her about the Book of Mormon and wanted to know more about it. We happened to be right around the corner when she called so we told her we could stop by right then. We thought it was going to be a house and that she was talking about her neighbor but it was a rehabilitation center, and this elderly lady was talking about her nurse. The nurse had asked her about the Book of Mormon when she was reading it so she wanted to call us. When we got there we gave her nurse a Book of Mormon but she didn't really want anything to do with it so she walked out and the old lady started talking to us. We couldn't get out because she was talking so much and we didn't want to be rude. I have to figure out how to just tell people when we have to go though because we ended up not having time to get any of our investigators before church which was really sad.

My companion and I have like 4 old ladies in their 80's that we are teaching right now and we dont really know what do do about it because they just agree with everything that we say but I dont think they really understand much at all. I think they just like having people there to talk to them.

Sister Layton With Local Children
This week I am going on exchanges with the sign language sisters. They cover the entire mission, and I have heard that it is a completely different experience than working in the spanish areas. I'm excited for that. I wont be with my companion for the 4th of July, but I will be pretty close to the Disneyland fireworks which will be fun.
Mom to answer your questions, it is really hot here but I am not complaining. You know how I love the heat. :) You asked if you think I will be with Hermana Breitenstein for a while.. we have no idea whats going to happen but hopefully we will be together for a while. We have one week until transfers so we will find out soon if we are going to be together for another one. Hopefully we will though. And yes, training has been over for a while now. It is nice just having one hour of companion study instead of two.

It sounds like Curtis had a great birthday. Mom, way to beat the guys at bowling. We did that for our zone activity a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty fun. We usually still play soccer for the activities. I love it so much!

I heard that that Olympics are starting soon. Are you going to watch them? Oh and also, there are cockroaches all over my appartment. It's nasty. Haha. We have had the bug guys come spray our appartment but both times the cockroaches doubles in amount and trippled in size. Ewww! Haha! Oh and mom, I made banana bread this week. Yum. Good bye my dearest family. :)

Love, Hermana Tarde Sobre

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