Monday, July 9, 2012

Six Month Mark - Already!

Sisters Breitenstein & Layton at a Ward Activity - apparently held in Texas

Hello my dearest family!

We have had a great week. We have been trying to figure out new ideas for finding people so we decided to start teaching English classes. We are planning on doing them 2 days a week starting on the 18th. 

We will start the classes with a prayer and spiritual thought, and then end with a prayer. This Sunday we started inviting the members and asking them to bring friends and we've also been puting flyers all around our area. A couple people have called asking about them, and we have seen people pull our flyers down and take them, or read them and put the number in their phone. Missionaries have done this before and lots of them have had success stories, but others have tried it and it hasn't worked out in their area. We are going to see how many people come for the first few times and see if it is worth our time. We will see what happens though. The sisters from another area sent us their lesson plans that we are planning on using. :) 

My 4th of July was great! It was just like every other day and our exchanges got changed so I wasn't by the Disneyland fireworks for the 4th... but guess what.. the 4th of July was my 6 month mark! Woah, time flies! I really think the time needs to slow down. I just love being out here so much. 

This Saturday I went on exchanges with the sign language sisters. It was so cool watching them communicate. I learned how to pray in sign language, but thats about it. It was a fun day. 

Sister Breitenstein and I get to be companions again this transfer. I am so excited! She is the driver this time though. They made a new Spanish zone, so we have 3 zones now instead of 2. Ours is really small now. Our President asked for some more Spanish speaking missionaries so it will grow eventually. 

The other good news is that we have 2 more sisters in out zone now! Wooo! Growing up with all brothers, I always wanted sisters... and being around so many Elders all the time, has really made me want sisters even more! Haha! 

We are changing apartments this Friday. I am so happy. The Cockroaches are nasty. I was sitting on the couch and a big one crawled accross me. I screamed so loud and think I really scared my companion. Haha! But lets just say I am so grateful that we are moving. We are going to have washers and dryers in the new apt! Wahoo! :) Anyways, thanks everyone for the letters. Love you all. Thank you Nennemans for the cookies! :)

Also, dad I just have to tell you, everyone loved that "Biggest piece of Sacrament bread" pic that you sent me. Too funny. :) Oh, and just one question... How is Ginger? :) Haha... Love you all so much! :)

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