Monday, July 23, 2012

New Apartment, No More Roaches

My dearest family,

This week I went on Exchanges again to La Habra. It's was an English speaking area but I was able to do quite a bit of contacting in Spanish which was fun. Spanish is still pretty hard for me but I really do love it. I love the people, and I love their culture. 

Kitchen in the new apartment
(Briana and her companion moved to a new apartment last week. She enjoys not having cockroaches running around everywhere.)

We have three investigators who are progressing right now but there is something that it stopping all of them from making the next step which has been hard. 

One of them has a very strong testimony and he loves it when we come over. He says that he can feel the spirit when he reads from the Book of Mormon and when we are there. He has almost read all the way through Alma! He wants to get baptized and knows that he needs to, but he only works three days a week and Sunday is one of them. We had a lesson with him about sacrifices this week. I know that he will be blessed if he comes to church and I think he is really scared to take Sunday off because it would be a huge sacrifice for his family in Mexico. We are going to see if he will look for another job, but right now he is just not making that next step. 

We are teaching another lady who is so awesome. She has changed her life around so much and really wants to be baptized. She knows that the church is true and is doing everything that she can to be the best she can. But... do you remember me telling you about the lady that we were teaching in jail? She is on probation for like 6 months so she cant get baptized until after she is off. So sad! 

We are teaching another lady who is a friend of one of our recent converts and she loves the lessons. She has four kids and wants them to be able to come to church. Her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church though. She thought he wouldn't let them come. He is the only one that drives in their family but when she talked to him he said that she could come. The problem is that he works during that time. 

We are doing to try and find a member who can take her. (Even though our ward mission leader and bishop tell us not to ask members because they said our investigators should make sacrifices to get there.) But that is the only way to get them to church because so many of them don't have a car and live so far away. We were going to get her a ride this week but she just had surgery and she cant leave the house for a month now because of it. She still lets us come in and teach but she cant get out. 

We have a list of other investigators that we have found but it is so hard to find them again. I think some of them hide from us. 

I am loving every minute of the mission. It's not always easy but it's the best! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! :) :) :)

Love, Me

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