Monday, October 15, 2012

Heavenly Father Puts the Words in My Mouth

Hello family!

First of all, Eric that's awesome that you have been playing soccer. We still play almost every p day. Isn't it the best! Also Hermana Longoria is my last companions new companion. She is training her. There is a very good chance that I will be companions with her. That's awesome that you know her. I haven't met Elder Brooks yet but I will keep my eye out. Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun in Guatemala! :) Keep up the good work bro.

This week we found a man named Jorge. He accepted a baptism date for November 4th! He invited us right in when we knocked on his door and said he felt different when we were there. The lessons that we have had with him have been very powerful. 

I know that the gift of tongues is real, and I have seen that a lot this week. Sometimes I think I can't explain something or say it right in Spanish, but when I start speaking, Heavenly Father puts the words in my mouth and I am able to explain. I am grateful for his help with the language because there is no way I would be able to teach without it. Sometimes it is still hard to speak outside of gospel topics, but the Gospel is why I'm here so it's all good. :) 

This Sunday our two most promising investigators from last transfer came to church. I was so happy to see them there, but when I told them that they don't live in our area anymore, and that the others missionaries were going to teach them she started to tear up and asked if we could still come see and teach her. It was so hard to explain that we have to stay in our area and I don't know if she completely understood why, but I introduced her to the other sisters and after that she seemed okay about the change. We are going to see how it goes. I love them and really miss teaching them! I am enjoying this half of the area though. :) 

Mom, you asked about the food. We eat with the members almost every day for dinner, and usually just have sandwiches for lunch. I don't have a favorite food because it's all really good but it is all so fattening! And they fill our plate with so much food! I always sneak some of my food to the other missionaries to help me finish. That is awesome to hear that Alexa and Brook are both thinking about missions! And Jerricha's going to absolutely love it! :) The weather down here has been nice still but cool at night. Yes, I still use my heated blanket every night. It's the best! :)  

You wanted to hear more about the embarrassing moments.. there are too many. Haha... a lot of them are hard to explain, you just had to be there. Anyway thanks for everything. Love you all!

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