Monday, October 8, 2012

Wasn't Conference Awesome?

Jericho Road

I'm so glad you got the pictures! I was worried that you might not get them. And dad that's funny about the Jericho Rd. sign! :) (FYI, Jericho Road is the name of an LDS musical group. Briana sent us this picture last week.)

Wasn't conference awesome?! I hope Eric was able to watch it in English. I was able to, and I think I was able to enjoy it more that way. I can't believe that sisters can go out at 19 now! That is so crazy!! 

Right when he said that, I thought of Brooklyn.  I was thinking about her all day since she told me that she's been thinking about a mission. Brook, I think you should do it! I couldn't imagine my life without these experiences. I think that so many more sisters will serve now, and I think the missionary work is going to grow a lot. 

I loved the talk by Elder Holland, and how bold he is. I thought the whole conference was really good and I really enjoyed the music. I wish I could go back and watch it all again. :) 

Hermanas Layton y Schofield with a local sister
We've had a good and busy week. I love working with sister Poulson. It's always sad when my companions get transferred out of the area, but every time a different companion comes, there is always so much to learn from her. It's been weird since they split the area but it's good too. We are finding more people and spending less time driving across that area to appointments. 

Mom, you asked about the sisters areas. Well, we have three. They had spanish sisters in Garden Grove, Anaheim, and here in Orange. When our area got split into two they gave the Garden Grove area to the Elders and so now the only Spanish sister areas are both halfs of the city of Orange and Anaheim. Maybe one of these days I will go to Anaheim, but if not, I won't be disappointed. I love it here! :) 

Las Hermanas
Anyway, there is not a lot to say this week. We found a lot of people, we had a lot of really embarrassing and awkward moments (that's just part of being a missionary), and got a lot done. I got to meet Hermana Breitenstein's new trainee. There is a good chance that I will be companions with her someday. She came out already knowing quite a bit of Spanish because she took Spanish classes before her mission. She is going to be a really good missionary. Sister Schofield is also training a new missionary right now in Anaheim. I can't wait to meet her. It's weird not being the youngest Spanish sister now.

Anyway, hope all is well back home. Love you all so much!! :)

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