Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It Takes All Kinds

Hola familia!

So we couldn't email this Monday because the library was closed. We have had a busy week and haven't found time to email until now, and it is going to have to be quick because we have a lot to do tonight.
Anyways, we've had a good week and things are starting to pick up again. We are teaching a couple of families right now and both of them committed to coming to church on Sunday. The lessons seemed to go well and I am looking forward to teaching them again. 

We met some crazy people this week... there was this drunk guy who was convinced I was Mexican... I've never heard that one before! My companions were laughing pretty hard. The guy started talking about crazy stuff after that and wouldn't let us leave. I told him that we had to go a few different times but he kept talking and was getting super intense so we had to just walk away. We met this other lady told us that we are aliens from another planet and that the world already ended and we are just here to leave a mark. She said that she was going to pray that angels would come share a message with us, and then we shared a quick messege with her, and then she was going on about how we were the angels... she also said that one time she turned into a light and saved people... and a lot of other stuff. It was interesting.. I hear some weird things out here! Haha!

Tonight we are going on Exchanges. Sister Poulson is coming here with me and both of my companions are going to Orange. I'm excited to spend a little bit of time with her before she goes home from the mission in a couple of weeks. This week we had the sisters meeting which was all about training. There are so many sisters coming in soon that most of the sisters in the mission will be training, and President wants to get everyone as prepared as possible. I am excited for all of the new sisters. 

That is so awesome that Alexa got her mission call to Peru! She is going to love the mission and will be a great missonary! :)

Sorry I didn't have a lot of time. Thanks for your emails. Love you all so much! Keep up the good work Eric! :)

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