Monday, January 7, 2013

Miracles and Blessings

Hello my dearest family!

First of all, happy birthday mom! I hope it was great! I love you!!!

Can you believe that I have been out on my mission for over a year now!? Ugh the time is going by too fast. 

We have had such a  great week and have seen so many miracles. Last night I was able to go back to my old ward for a baptism of someone I taught there and it was so amazing! Her name is Sr. Gonzalez. Next week _______'s friend who we taught all last transfer is getting baptized and so I am planning on going back again for that. He has been coming to church and doing everything that he needs to to prepare. Also, _____ is still being the best missionary and always giving the sisters more people to teach. I am so proud of him and his desire to share what he knows with everyone. They have been teaching one of his friends and their family and they all came to church on Sunday! I am glad that all is going well back in Orange. 

We have also had great things happen here in Anaheim this week. We had a lot of appointments set up because we have been doing a lot of finding. We taught _________ the restoration at the beginning of the week. She was tearing up throughout the lesson and after she said the prayer at the end she was bawling. She said that she could really feel the spirit, and it was an amazing experience. She accepted a baptism date for the 3rd of Feb. 

We also had a lesson with another man. He is an atheist but wanted to learn more about what we believed. We went back for the appointment and he wasn't home, but his younger sister invited us in to teach her. She loved the lesson but was started telling us about stuff her older brother would tell her about religion. I shared my personal experience and testimony because it was so similar to what she is going though. She said that she is going to read in the Book of Mormon and and pray to know if it was true. She has so much faith so I know that she is going to recieve an answer. She accepted a baptism date for the 3rd of feb, and I feel very blessed to be able to teach her. She also said that her mom and her brother would probably want to learn too so I am excited for that. 

Lets see what else... We knocked into a lady that asked us to come back when her husband could listen too, and so we did, and it went really well. The husband accepted the baptism invitation but not a date because the wife was a little more hesitant.  I think she was surprised that he was so open to it. They both said that they are going to read and pray every day and we are seeing them again on Wednesday. They have the cutest little baby!

Since I've been out here it has been really hard to find and teach a family so I am very excited to work with them. We had a drop lesson with a family that the sisters have been teaching for a while but they weren't progressing. It was hard because they were really close to the family, but one day down the road when missionaries come back I think they will be ready. They just need a little time. 

Lets see there are some random things that happened this week. I got attacked by a crazy cat. It ran into me like five times and then crawled up me then kept running into me. It was weird. Also we got locked into a car garage and realized that we didn't have the button to open the door so that was fun... We got a new ward mission leader. They other one was amazing but I guess he has been in there for forever. They new one seems good too. 

Well, that's about it for this week. Love you all tons! Have a great week! :)

PS the cheese ball was amazing. :)


Hermana Layton :)

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