Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On Member-Missionaries

Hola familia!

So luckily we were able to come email today. I didn't know if we would be able to because my companion has been really sick. The last couple of weeks have been slow because both of my companions have both been sick on and off. I feel really bad for them. 

Also, I heard some sad news last night. Sister Budge, is going home from her mission because she need surgery on her knee. She hurt it while we were playing soccer last transfer with our zone and I guess it was worse than they thought it was. She says that she wants to come back to the mission after it is all taken care of though which is really good.

So the news from Orange... Jorge was able to baptize his friend about a week ago! I guess he was really nervous but it was such a great experience for him. He is still such a great missionary and always telling his friends about the Gospel. I wish everyone could be that kind of member missionary. He knows the amazing blessing he has in his life of being a member of the church and he wants everyone he knows to have the same happiness.

I went on exchanges with sister Poulson this week. We both wanted to try out a two day exchange instead of one and it was the best! We have so much fun together and got a lot done. This is the last week before transfers (Next Monday) and sister Poulson is going home then.  Sister Breitenstein has one transfer left and then I will be the oldest Spanish sister. Not this transfer, but the one after it, we have 8 new Spanish speaking sisters coming in. We only have three of us here not counting the visa waiters. I have no idea what President is planning on doing but he said that we will all most likely be training two. We will probably have to open new areas as well. There are a couple sisters who got called to English but are native Spanish speakers. They might have to come help out so that we have enough trainers.

Anyway, other than having sick companions, this week was great! We have been finding a lot of families. I don't think I have taught so many families my entire mission and I love it. Sadly no one came to church on Sunday and we had several people say that they were going to be there, but hopefully next week. Our ward is really small right now and because they started this half Spanish half English group because a lot of the kids can't speak Spanish, but their parents can't speak English. It's really weird. They can understand each other though.

Anyways, the ward needs some more families right now. I am grateful that we have been finding some. Well I don't have much more time, but one last thing... this week when we were on exchanges, sister Poulson and I had dinner with some members and it was really good. We asked at the end of dinner how she made her drink. I had tasted it before from other members but I didn't know what it was... Basically, we are going to have to have a sacrament meeting on the word or wisdom because they obviously don't know that we are not allowed to drink green tea! Ohhh man... Well, now I know what that is... Anyways, that's about it for this week. Miss and love you all! Have a great week! :)

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