Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love Being in Lessons When the Spirit is So Strong

Hola familia!

Well it's been another great week here in Anaheim! Disneyland is right in the middle of our area now and when we drive home sometimes we get to drive right under the Disneyland fireworks. It's pretty cool. 

On the way to church this week right when we left our area I saw a street and realized that it is the street that uncle Harold lives on. He lives so close to my borders!! I am so tempted to go knock on his door! That would be awesome  He probably wouldn't know who I was though and might now want to talk when he sees the missionaries. Maybe I can go with the English missionaries and introduce them to him.. That's the only excuse I can think of to go over there. Haha. :) 

Anyways, things are going good here. I set up my exchanges this week so I will be starting those soon. We had a zone meeting again and they talked a lot about the exchanges we will be going on. I excited for them! Right now we are still teaching la familia _______. They are doing so well! The mom has opened up so much and the dad has always been really open.

They have the best questions and have a sincere desire to know the truth. This week we taught two guys named _______ and _______. They both accepted baptism dates, but when we came back Jesus didn't want to listen anymore. ________ was open to listening still but it seems like he is having a lot of doubts now. Hopefully he will read and pray so he can get rid of those doubts. There was a baptism picture on his table. We asked him about it, and I guess his son was baptized into the church a couple of years ago which was pretty awesome. We also are teaching a lady names ______. She is amazing. She really wants to be baptized but cant right now because she is married to someone from Mexico and is living with another guy here. She has been trying to get a divorce so that she can get married to the guy she is with now but her husband wont sign papers. She has a very strong testimony and we are praying that she will be able to get everything figured out soon.

We also met a lady named ______ this week. We went in to teach but didn't really have much time at all so we were just going to share a scripture with her. We said the opening prayer, and before the end she was bawling. She opened up a lot to us and the spirit was really strong in the lesson.  I love being in lessons when the spirit is so strong and you know they are feeling it too! It's the best! 

Lets see... OK crazy story... We were teaching this guy named _______ and he was acting really interested (yeah, he was interested all right). He would always give us referrals and so it was really good. Well this week when we went to teach him he shook my hand and then tried kissing me!! I squealed and was like NOOO! But then he did it anyways... it was kinda on my hair because I was turning away trying to avoid it... I couldn't do anything about it. I never want to go back to that area! Uhh... so awkward! Well that's about it for the week. Love you all!!!! Have a great week! :)

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  1. Don't do it Briana! Do you want me to handle this for you Don?