Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Will Go Before Your Face

Hello family!

A lot has happened this week. Sister Minert and I got a call Thursday night from the assistants to train. I guess they had some sisters coming in early and so sister Minert is taking the west Anaheim area and I am taking the south. We haven't spent a ton of time over there and so I still have to get to know the area. It is actually a big area too. They said the sisters might already be fluent in Spanish and that's why they came out early, or they at least were in the intermediate or advanced class in the MTC. They are already in the mission home and we are supposed to pick them up today at four. 

I am changing apartments to an Elders apartment. I started moving some stuff in there today. Lets just say I will have to do a lot of cleaning... haha. I still will be in the same ward. Disneyland is in my area still and so I will get to see the fireworks every night. I am looking forward to all of the changes but am also a little bit nervous. 

Being the coordinating sister has been fun. So far I am just doing exchanges with the Spanish sisters and luckily there aren't a lot of problems so it has been nice. I actually think I learn more from the sisters I go on exchanges with than they learn from me. It's good to be able to be in different areas and get to see how different missionaries work. 

This week we had stake conference. I don't remember their names, but there were two members from the 70 there that spoke and it was really good. We also had zone conference this week and I learned so much there! It was all about having the faith to find and also working with members. I am excited to use what I learned there in the work. 

A few nights ago we were knocking doors and  had a lesson with a lady at the door and as we were praying another lady walked my and went into her apartment. About 10 seconds later she came back out and told us that she couldn't walk away from us because she knew that God sent us there. She said that when she walked by she saw a light over us and it wasn't the light that was in the hall. She said that it felt like there was someone else there with us and that she wanted to know more about our message. It was a really cool experience. 

We talked to her the other night though and she said that she cant talk to us anymore because her husband was really mad and was not happy that she wanted to talk to us. She seemed like she still really wanted to but couldn't. It was really sad when she told us that we can't come back. I was excited to teach her too.. maybe some time down the road she will find the missionaries again. 

Let see what else... I got separated from my companion today which was really weird but funny. We were trying to go up the elevator and for some reason the door wouldn't open all the way so we decided to just squeeze in. Well I went in first and as I turned around my companion was starting to come through but the door closed and I started going up. It was funny... but I guess it might not sound as funny unless you are a missionary... but hey we got a good laugh out of it. 

Well that's about all I can think of for the week. Have a great week! Love you all! :)

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