Monday, March 11, 2013

They are Reading the Book of Mormon and Praying Every Day!

Hello everyone!

So we've had a great week but it has been super crazy here. So today we had transfers. I am staying in my same area and am still training sister Rollins, but tomorrow a new sister comes in from the MTC and I will be training her too. I have no idea how I am going to do that especially since they will be at different spots in the training program, but I'm sure it will be great. I am looking forward to meeting her tomorrow! Also I have had a lot of questions in letters about being the coordinating sister. Basically I go to a few different meetings and then I go on a few exchanges to different areas each transfer. I pretty much just spend the day and night with a different sister and make sure everything is going well in their area. If they are having a hard time I can plan more exchanges to help them out. That's about it though. It's fun getting to know the sisters more and spend time in different areas.

The work has been going well for the most part. It was sad though because _______ was doing so well and then her parents got really mad. They said that she is not allowed to talk to us anymore because they are in a different religion. Her friend thinks that she just needs a little bit of time for her family to calm down and then hopefully we can come back and teach. I really want to teach her family because I think it would make things a lot easier for her, but for now we are going to have to take a break. 

I don't know if I have already told you about _________, but he is so amazing and accepted a baptism date but he has started to have a few doubts so we are a little bit worried about him, but are praying that we we be able to teach to his needs and help him out. We are also still teaching _________ but we changed her baptism date to the 31st of march because she needs a little bit more time. She is great and is progressing but the problem is that she has to work on Sundays, so she can never come to church. She is trying to get next Sunday off though so hopefully she will be able to! Her grandchildren are so cute!! They are reading the Book of Mormon and marking verses that they like. They are also praying every day and love to pray at the end of our lessons. I love being able to teach them and see how excited they are to learn. :)

Anyways, mom to answer your questions, we have not been on bikes yet. I have a bike that I am borrowing from one of the elders but we haven't had any time to get a bike for my companion yet because our days have been crazy. We are going to see if our new companion wants to get a bike too so hopefully we will be able to soon. :) Also, you asked about my companion. She is great! Yes we still have to do language study together every day. She learned how to write in Spanish but never really had to learn to speak in school. She is doing really well with the language though. We have so much in common and I love working with her. She is a hard worker which I love! 

About the weather, it has warmed up a lot! California weather is so great! :) Well I think that I answered all of your questions. Thanks for all of the letters and emails. By the way we are allowed to email friends now. The first presidency wrote a letter about it. They give us extra time to email though so that we still have the same amount of time to write our families. 

ERIC I GOT YOUR LETTER AND IT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK! THANKS FOR WRITING ME LIL BRO. l LOVE AND MISS YOU TONS. I WILL BE WRITING YOU BACK SOON. Also, Elder Brooks says hi. He is in my zone so I see him quite a bit. He thinks you are a really cool guy.

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