Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Staying in Fullerton

Hey fam!

This morning we had transfers. I will be staying here in Fullerton as my last area! I am super happy! Sister Budge went back to Santa Ana 10 (The city of Orange), and sister Witham came here with sister Nnah and I. Sister Witham is from Utah and she got out here a couple of transfers ago. I am excited for another great transfer!!!

Things here in Fullerton are great! __________ is doing really well and is very happy that her kids are both listening to us now. __________ came to church again. She loves the first meeting but not the second class as much because its hard for her to understand what's going on. She is more comfortable with english but her mom is way more comfortable with spanish. They want to go to the same ward so it makes it hard for her. We have also still been teaching __________ and he is actually really enjoying it. He still hasn't made it to church, but hopefully soon. He has opened up a lot and we are excited to keep working with him. We are also still teaching __________ and he is progressing really well. He finally committed to a baptism date For June 30th but seems a little bit nervous. He came to church again and loves it. He participates a lot in the classes. He also wanted to come see the baptism last night but his ride fell through and so he ended up getting there late. At least he was able to eat some food and talk with all of his new friends, so I think he had a good time. We also have just started teaching a lady named ________. She has loved the lessons so far and seems to be progressing really well. She came to church yesterday. She seemed to like it but said it was really long for her. She has visited a lot of different churches and likes learning about new ones. Hopefully all goes well with her.  

Lets see what else... I went on exchanges again this week with sister Rollins so that was fun. I am always learning so much from the sisters in the mission. I don't think I will be going on as many exchanges this transfer because they called a few more coordinating sisters since they are splitting the mission right when I leave. The few that got called will be moving to the Irvine mission next transfer. It is so crazy that the mission will be splitting! Anyways, I hope all is going well back home. Thanks for the emails and letters! Love you all! :)

Have a great week!!!!!!

~Hermana Layton


  1. Hey! This is Sister Newton. I was companions with Brianna in the MTC for a little. I just got home and am so glad to be able to read and hear all that Sister Layton is doing. Thanks and I hope to catch up with her soon!! :)

    1. So glad you found us on here Sister Newton. Briana gets home in about 1-1/2 months from now. You must have been leaving just after she came in.