Monday, June 24, 2013

So They Brought Their Little Children and Set Them Down Upon the Ground Round About Him (3 Nephi 17:12)

My dearest family,

Things here in the mission are great as always. It was kind of a slow week because we had so many meetings and random stuff come up. 

We had district meeting, presidents interviews, and also a 9 week follow up training meeting for sister Nnah and all of the missionaries that came in with her. We went to the broadcast as well. 

Sister Nnah Must Be a Trusting Soul

Also, every few months sister Nnah has to do redo the braids in her hair, which takes hours to take them all out, and then hours to get them done again. With that and our studies it almost took a day. It was quite the project but we had fun. 

Is Sister Nnah Under There Somewhere?

We went on a couple of exchanges this week which was so much fun! I went back to Santa Ana 10 with sister Budge and they happened to have a big service project with the ward that day so I was able to see a lot of the members. It was fun to be there and see everyone! We also went on another exchange, but this time I stayed in my area.

We were doing our language study outside and a little group of six or seven kids came up to me to get stickers. Then they sat across from us on the bench and asked what we were reading. 

We showed them the Book of Mormon and they were surprised that we were reading in spanish and so they asked us to read to them (See 3 Nephi 17:11-25). They were silent as we read about when Christ came to the Americas and blessed the little children. We showed them pictures and they asked us questions about Christ. No wonder we are supposed to humble ourselves as the little children. They were so cute! I just love the little kids here. :)

She Loves the Kids

Lets see what else... ___________ got a calling on Sunday so that was exciting. They just forgot to tell her so it was kinda a surprise. It will be really good for her though. Hopefully they will give one to __________ soon too. She really wants to serve and help out in any way that she can.

Well thats about all of the exciting news for the week other then the crazy drug bust that we watched right outside of our apartment this morning while we were doing companionship study. Haha. Well, sorry I didn't have much to write today. Have a great week! Love you all! :)

Hermana Layton

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