Monday, March 12, 2012

Orange County

Hola! My first week in the mission field has been great! My companions are both awesome and help me out so much. I am assigned to the Orange city area at least for my first 12 weeks. There is a 12 week training program for missionaries now that I am doing which helps out a lot with the language.

There are a bunch of different steps you take each week. Last week I was supposed to extend the baptismal invitations and all of us were supposed to take turns contacting people. This week I get to lead the first lesson when we teach it. It's really good because it pushes me to really pay attention and be involved when we teach.

I love the area a lot. The people here are awesome. I love them so much already. Almost everyone we talk to are Catholic and right when we say anything about Jesus Christ they open right up and want to talk to you. It's so crazy. The people here like to learn but it is hard to get them to keep their commitments, and it's really hard to get the to actually come to church which is really important.

Church was great but I could not understand very much at all. One of the few things I understood was "Now our new missionary Hermana Layton will come up and share her testimony." Hahaa! So funny. It didn't surprise me though because we had dinner at the first counselors house the night before and he didn't think I could understand him when he told my companions that he would have me bear my testimony, but I could. Haha!
The members are great and they have us over for dinner almost every night. Usually the Mexican food is really good but there was one night where they fed us pig skin and something else really strange. We have a BBQ outside of our apt, so when we don't have an appointment to go to we like to go outside. The weather is great during the day but cools down some as it gets later.

One of my companions really likes cooking. She loves making us breakfast. She's made pancakes, french toast, eggs, and biscuits and gravy since I've been here. Then my other companion and I do the dishes. Today we have a zone activity and guess what we are doing! All of the Elder wanted to play soccer!! Wooo! So excited since I couldn't play when I was at the MTC. I love being a missionary. It is hard sometimes but so worth it! :)
I love you guys and tell Sean that I felt so bad that I couldn't talk to him on the phone. Love you all so much!
Adios! :)

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