Monday, March 26, 2012

Preach to me!

Outside the Apartment

Hola!!! It's been another awesome week! Last week for the zone activity we got to play soccer, and we get to play again today. Sooo fun! Before I forget, I want to tell you that my p day next week is on Thursday because we have a temple trip. I will email you then.

I love the people we are teaching! There was one night when we went to teach, but the man wasn't home. There was a guy right outside his house that said "He's not home? Preach to me!" So we found out a little bit about him and started teaching.

He spoke English which was nice because I could actually understand everything. He agreed with everything that we were saying and just kept saying he wants to make a change in his life. He kept talking about how he had made so many mistakes and felt so guilty. Then I asked how he would feel to be free from all that guilt and clean from his sins. He said that would be the most amazing feeling and he wanted that more than anything. We talked about the Atonement and how he could become clean. I asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes! Then he just kept asking what he needs to do to change and get ready to be baptized. It was awesome! 
Great weather and good food
Since he speaks English we have to pass him to the English missionaries so we won't actually get to continue teaching him but it was an awesome experience.

This week we have a sisters conference with all of the sisters in the mission. I will get to meet the other spanish speaking sisters. I will most likely be companions with some of them because I guess there are only 7 of us who are spanish speaking in this mission.

Mom, you asked where my companions are from. Hermana Breitenstein is from San Fransisco (Her dad is in the military so she has moved all around. That was just the last place she lived.) She has been out here 6ish months. and Hermana Vilches is from Dayton Ohio, kind of where Uncle Steve is from. Hermana V has been out for a little over a year.
Dinner from the bar-b

Please tell the Pullans that I loved the package! I got it right after I sent my email last week and it totally made my day! Too bad I didn't get to see them and they were right here!! Yes mom, I saw Hermana Christensen when she was leaving. And thank you for emailing Alta's mom. That will be perfect.

Eric... What the!... You can put your papers in so soon! (Eric is getting ready to start his mission papers.) I am soooo excited for you!!! You will be such a great missionary and you will absolutely love it! Sorry about the wisdom teeth. Good luck!

Love you so much! Have a great week!!! Anyways, I am running out of time. Love you all!Adios! :) :)

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