Monday, March 19, 2012

Spanish Is Pretty Hard But I Love It

MTC district
Hola! This week has been another great one. I love this area! My companion's names are Hermana Vilches and Hermana Breitenstein. Hermana Vilches is the one that is fluent with the language. She knew Spanish before her mission. They are really helpful with the language.

Spanish is pretty hard but I love it. There was one day this week where I was talking in Spanish all day and I knocked on one door and said something to them in Spanish. I was so used to speaking Spanish that I didnt realize that they answered me in English and I kept replying in Spanish and he kept talking in English. The conversation probably sounded really funny. My companions were laughing at me the rest of the day. So funny. :)

So this week I extended the baptismal invite for the first time. It was the first lesson that we had with him and it went really well. When I asked him he sat there for a couple minutes thinking about it and then he said that he would, but first he wants to know for sure that this is true. He has been reading his scriptures and praying so I know that he will find his answer.
Hermanas Vilches, Breitenstein and Layton

We are working with a lady that set a date to be baptized on the 26th of this month but it all depends on of she gets married or not. She really wants to but her boyfriend doesn't quite yet. She knows that the church is true and she has a really strong testimony so hopefully they will get married before the 26th.

We had my first zone conference this week. It was awesome. We heard from my mission president and his wife. It was a really great experience! They have amazing testimonies.
I am starting to get to know the people in the ward a lot more. They are great! The little kids are the cutest! On Sundays we stand by the door and greet everyone coming in and sometimes the little kids will just run up and give me a huge hug. It's sad that I'm not supposed to hug back but their hugs still make my day.

I don't have a ton of time but I want you to know that I know that the Gospel was restored to the earth and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I love teaching the first lesson and especially the first vision because it brings the Spirit into the room so strong. I love the gospel. I know that it can bring so much joy into our lives. Don't be afraid to share it with people. Find names that you can give to the missionaries in the ward. That is the best way to do missionary work! :)

Oh and a question that I think you asked last week that I forgot to answer... I was told that most likely I will be serving in all Spanish speaking areas. The only reason why they would move me to an English area is if they really needed drivers. A lot of the missionaries from out of the country can't drive. The mission president really likes to keep you where you have been called though so my companions said they really do not think I will serve in an English area. I guess there is a chance that I could though.
I love and you miss you all so much. Tell Aunt Karen that there is a letter on the way. It takes me forever to write back especially now that I am out in the field. Tell Grandma, Grandpa and Sean that I love them so much!!! and the Vegas family too! :) Gracias!

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