Monday, August 6, 2012

Abusing the Zone

Hola familia,

This week was great. Monday we were playing soccer with a huge exercise ball and I kicked it and accidentally hit my companion in the face. She was wearing her sunglasses so there was a bruise across her forehead where her sunglasses were. It's almost gone now though. I felt so bad!!! Then I accidentally hit two elders in the face too. Oops. Then one of the Elders hit me in the face,  and it was just really  funny. Besides my companion, no one got hurt cause the ball was really soft. I'm just glad that presidents interviews are next week instead of last week. He would have wondered what I was doing to my companion. 

My companion is doing great! I am hoping we will be together again next transfer in this area. We will see what happens though. It is her birthday on Thursday! 

Our investigators are doing great. The guy who had a problem with the Word of Wisdom is doing so well. We had another appointment with him this week and he went from drinking two cups of coffee a day to just one. He says he feels a lot better too. He also talked to his wife in Mexico and she is going to stop drinking coffee too. We are trying to see if we can send missionaries to his wife so that they can be learning at the same time. 

He loves reading in the Book of Mormon and read all the way through Alma the first time, but then wanted to start over so that he could understand it better. He is already almost through 2 Nefi. He is so great! He asked us if it is okay that he is reading the Book of Mormon with his friends and telling them about what we teach. Of course it's okay!! Haha! He such a good missionary and has a very strong testimony. He is the one that can't come to church until he finds another job. 

We didn't have anyone come to church this week which was really sad because we had a group of people say that they were going to. Hopefully next week. Mom, to answer your question, there are two companionship's of elders in our ward and then my companion and I. It is our whole district. They are all so awesome!

Today we are having a BBQ for the zone activity. Something a little less dangerous. :) And for your question about the Spanish, I can understand almost everything when we are teaching the lessons or when we are talking about church topics, but when people start talking about other things it is hard for me to understand. I can speak but I have to say everything very simply and it is still hard because I don't always feel like I can say everything I want to. I am so grateful to be learning another language though even when it's hard. I definitely  wouldn't know what I do without the help of my Heavenly Father. 

I don't have much time left. Thanks to everyone for the letters it means a lot as a missionary. I love being out here. I love the people. I love my companion. I LOVE being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Please give the Vegas family hugs for me. :) Dad I wrote you a letter in Spanish. It's on its way to you! :)

Anyways love you fam muchisimo!

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