Monday, August 27, 2012

Making Progress

Great week! My new companion is a really good missionary and I am learning so much from her. She has been out for a while now and goes home on Christmas or the day before. What a great Christmas present for her family! :) 

A lot has happened this week. Four different investigators accepted a baptismal date which was a miracle. Our investigator Tomas who has been working on the word of wisdom didn't drink coffee last week at all! He still wouldn't accept a baptism date yet though. Well, we were walking to our car after a long day and there was a door open to a little house. I remembered talking to someone in the street a few weeks ago who said she lived there so we stopped by to see if she was home. The man said that she didn't live there and so we just started talking to him instead. We taught him the restoration and then randomly our investigator Tomas came out from the hallway. He got excited and started telling the man about the Book of Mormon. We invited the man to be baptized and he said he wanted to learn more first. And then we looked at Tomas and invited him again. He never accepts a date, but this time he said, "Claro que si!" (Of course!) What!? We were so happy! Hopefully he can find a way to get to church soon.

He has talked to his boss and is looking for another job. We are praying for him, and I know that Heavenly Father will help him get there if he really has the desire to come. 

There weren't anymore earthquakes this week but we had a little excitement last night. The fire alarm went off again. It has gone off so many times since I have been here that I didn't think it was anything. We stayed inside for a little bit but it kept going for a while so we finally decided to go outside. When we got to the bottom of the stairs there was a ton of smoke and firefighters running around. The garbage room was on fire. I don't know how that happened. We sat outside for an hour and just did planning for the next day until the alarm went off. We went to bed and then in the middle of the night the fire alarm went of again. I just put my pillow over my head though so that I could go back to sleep.

Anyway, that's about all that happened this week. I love being out here! My companion is the best and I am so grateful for all that I am learning from her. :)

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