Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shaking Things Up

My dearest family,

I bet you are loving the Las Vegas heat right now. This week in California it has been in the high 90s and in the 100s. Good thing I love the heat right?

We spent a lot of time outside. Tuesday in the middle of the night my companion and I woke up to an earthquake which we found out the next day was a 4.4. That was fun. The next morning there was another small one and little while after that we were in our living room doing our studies and there was another one that was a 4.5. That was a fun start to our week. :)

This week we taught a friend of one of our members. She has been to church a lot with her friend and had really good questions for us. She accepted a baptism date for the 26th of this month! Right now the hardest thing for her is her job. She works a lot on Sundays and can only make it to church about half of the time. She is looking for another job so we hope that she can find something where she can have Sundays off.

This week while we were tracting we found a lady who said she had tried just about every church there is, but she hasn't found one that feels right for her. We taught her the restoration on the doorstep and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. She said that she was really looking forward to coming to church with us on Sunday. We went by her apartment Sunday Morning and she was leaving with a bunch of cleaning supplies. She said that she is going to clean a house right now because she hasn't had work all week. She said that when someone asked her to clean, she had to take it so that she could make a little bit of money for her family. She couldn't come to church this Sunday, but she still wants to come hopefully next time.

Last night my companion and I had an appointment with a family that we had just met a couple of days before. They are really nice and welcoming but there was this one lady there (We think it was their neighbor) who was a evangelical Christan preacher. She had gone to school and been trained to speak over people. Every time we started talking she would stand up and start preaching. I tried distracting her while my companion talked to the family and it worked for a little bit but but then
she started talking even louder. We decided that we would come back when we could teach with the spirit there. We made another appointment with them for this week so hopefully they wont invite any preachers this time. It was definitely a funny experience though.
Well I have to get going. We are going on a hike today with our zone! Love you all and you are in my prayers. :)
great time in Vegas!

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