Monday, December 17, 2012

I Had No Idea It Would Be So Hard To Leave My Area

This has been a crazy day and I don't even know where to start.

Saturday was transfer calls and this morning were the changes. I had no idea it would be so hard to leave my area. I love it there so much and it was really hard saying goodbye to the people and the ward. I guess it is just so hard because my whole mission has been there, and everything I know is there.  I am now here in Anaheim with sister Longoria (who was in the MTC with Eric), and also sister Henrie.

Sister Henrie was actually called to Spain and is just here until her visa comes and we don't know when that will be. We are training her until she leaves, and we will only know like a day or two ahead of time. They are both so sweet and I am super excited to work with them.

I know that it will be good to change and it will be good to have new experiences in this area. By the way, Disneyland is in our area.

Wahoo! Well, things were great for my last week in Orange. _______ came to the christmas devotional and brought a friend (different friend than the ones he brought to church) He is an amazing missionary. We also taught _________ who has a lot of problems in his life, but has a sincere desire to change. He accepted a baptism date and seems to be doing really well. I am grateful for the miracles that we were able to see before I left. _________ was able to receive the priesthood on Sunday and he is going really well.  This week all of the Catholics were celebrating the Virgin Maria's birthday and there were huge groups of people marching down the street holding a huge statue of her. It was... quite the experience. There was also a big Virgin Mary party next to _______'s house and there were people who we've taught in there and they brought us tacos and said that we can come back later to pray with them. It was funny. 

Mom I got the packages. Thank you so much! I feel very spoiled and was not expecting that out here on the mission. I'm glad you sent makeup remover because mine is almost out. I was super excited for you homemade hot chocolate, and stuff to make a cheese ball. I will save the presents to open on Christmas... maybe one on Christmas eve cause I can't break the tradition of course. 

Anyway, about the calling on Christmas  I have no idea what time but hopefully I will know next Monday.  What time would work best for you all? They actually gave us permission to Skype this time if we want but I don't remember my account and I don't know the members in my new area, so it all depends if we can find someone who would let us use their computer that day. 

I am excited if I get to room with Alta! What is Brittany Nenneman doing? Thanks for everything. Love you all and I hope I answered all of your questions.

Anyway, sorry this is a really short email but I can't think right now because it has been a crazy day. I love you all! Thanks for all of the Christmas cards! :)

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