Monday, December 31, 2012

She Could Feel Something Different When We Came to the Door

Hey fam!

It was so great talking to you all on the phone for Christmas! It's still weird that Curtis has such a deep voice... I thought I told him not to grow up while I was gone. 

Christmas was great out here on the mission. Definitely different than being home with the family but it was good.  When we woke up in the morning we opened presents, did all of our studies as usual with a break to call home, and then my companions and I went caroling and visited part member families which was really good. Mom, my companions did like the Oregon Ducks shirts and I think they fit everyone. They say thanks! 

Hmm... what happened this week.. Yesterday was missionary Sunday.  Before I came to the area, the ward mission leader was asking the missionaries who wanted to give a talk and they said that transfers were coming up and so they decided that if a new missionary came into the area, they could be the one to give the talk. Well guess who came in! Yeah, I was the lucky one. They ended up asking one of the other elders too and we talked about missionary work. Did you have missionary Sunday in your ward too? 

Sister Schofield got off of the mission this last transfer and her family all came back to visit so they were at our ward on Sunday and it was so good to see her and to meet her family. She is one of the best missionaries I know and taught me so much out here! 

We did a lot of finding this week again. We are teaching a boy who is 14 and he loves the gospel. He wants to get baptized but his parents won't let him. His parents have listened to the lessons and have testimonies, but are not willing to change right now and they want to wait until their whole family can get baptized together. They are also super busy and we can never sit down with them all together. We talked about temples this week though and the mom lit up and started asking a bunch of questions and it was a really good lesson. We also found a lady _________ when we were knocking doors and she told us that she could feel something was different when we came to the door. We taught her later and the lesson went really well. She left town though and wont be back for a couple of weeks so that's too bad. We have some other good potentials and a lot of appointments set up for the week so I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with those. Well there is really not much more that happened this week love you all! :)

~Hermana Layton

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