Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beatboxing with Sister Nnah

Hey fam!

First of all HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! I hope you had a great one. I was thinking about you all day and how lucky I am to have the best dad in the world. I love you so soo much and am very grateful for your example. Thanks for all that you do. :)

Well, it's been another great week. I just love being a missionary! :) [The new convert] was confirmed yesterday in church and she looked very happy. [A current sister investigator] has been doing really well. She shared her testimony in gospel principles and was answering questions that investigators had. It is amazing to see how much she has changed already and how happy she is now. [Another investigator] also came to church again and he is still planning on getting baptized on the 30th of June. He is progressing really well. Its funny because he is already best friends with most of the ward since he talks so much. He is very social. We are hopefully having a family home evening with him and a family in our ward tonight so that should be good for him. 

Last night I was able to go back to Santa Ana 10 because one of sister Withams investigators was getting baptized. It was great to see everyone again! :) I miss that ward. I am grateful to be here in Fullerton though because I absolutely love the members here! It is probably my favorite ward out here on the mission. 

Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting which will probably be my last one on the mission. It was nice because they pretty much let my pick any topic I wanted. On Friday we had a Fathers day party and had a talent show. They asked us to do something and so we sang a hymn but added a little beatboxing thanks to sister Nnah. I will try to send the video, it was pretty funny. 

Anyways, sorry this is kind of short. I love you all so much! :) 

(With just over 3 weeks to go, the letters seem to be getting shorter. Next week we might get a paragraph, we'll see.)

~Hermana Layton

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