Monday, April 8, 2013

Help From the Neighborhood Kids

Hello my dearest family,

This week has been so crazy. To start the week off we had our zone training which was great! Tuesday we had zone meeting where the zone leaders teach the same outline that was taught in the training.

Usually I just get to sit there both days and listen but they asked me to teach part of it this time since I was in the training. I still don't love to talk in front of big groups but hey it has definitely gotten easier since I've been out here. I just talked about the story of the brother of Jared and it turned out ok. 

Anyways, thursday night something sooo funny happened. We spend a lot of time in this complex and have made friends with a lot of the kids there. Every time we come to the area the kids  run up to us to get suckers or stickers and then they follow us around everywhere we go. Well, Thursday night we were talking to a lady at the door and talking about how important her family and her children are to our Heavenly Father. Right then about 20 kids ran up to us and surrounded us in the middle of our contact. They started hugging us and asking for stickers and candy. It was pretty funny but we were able to make a return appointment with her.

Some of the Neighborhood Kids
We have a few pics with all of the kids. If I have time I will try to send some today. They are so cute! 

Lets see what else... A few days ago we laid down for about 20 min during our lunch hour and set the alarm on the microwave to wake us up. Well the power went out when we were sleeping and the alarm didn't go off. Lets just say I got a nice nap... we woke up like an hour later. I felt bad that we slept so long but it was sooo nice!! Well the power came back on, but that night it went out again. This time we had our phone alarm so we woke up on time but our apartment was pitch black and so we got ready in the dark with a little flashlight. Then we realized that our food in the fridge was all warm cause it had been out all night. It was back on when we came home later though which was good. 

Fish Dinner With Eyeballs
Last night I ate one of the most interesting meals of my mission. It was fish and shrimp but they had eyes and our food was looking at us which was kinda weird. It tasted good though.Conferences were great but I missed a lot of it sadly. We went on Saturday and my companion ended up getting really sick and so we had to leave. She was feeling better the next day so we were able to go on Sunday but we still missed a lot of it.

Our investigator Edith and her cute little kids wanted to come and watch but when we went to their house in the morning they weren't answering the door and so we thought that they weren't going to come. Well they called us after the first talk and said that they were ready and that they were in the back room so they didn't hear us knock on their door. We grabbed a member to go pick them up and they came. We walked into conferences right as President Monson was speaking which was cool. 

They had a lunch with the ward between sessions and Edith fit in with a lot of the sisters really well. She felt really welcome. I was excited to watch the second session but her two little boys sat by us and were kinda distracting. That, and the fact that it was in spanish made it hard to pay attention but from what I did hear it was great! :) Her baptism date is for next week but we might move it a week back to have time to teach everything. Last night there was a baptism and we were inviting our investigators. Two of them, Aldo and Anastacio were able to make it and they definitely felt the spirit. Jorge is still doing well. It has just been really hard to meet with him because his schedule is crazy. Keep him in your prayers! Great things are happening in our area right now and like I have said before I am so grateful for the hand of the Lord in this work! We wouldn't be able to do it without his help.
Sister Layton Knocked on the Door of Aunt Elsie a Few Weeks Ago!!!

Dad, Saturday we went to McDonalds and there was a famous basketball player there but I don't know which one, but I'm convinced that he is one... I think he might have been from the lakers. Your favorite team.
Hehe. Just thought you might want to know.

Mom, no I didn't see Kelsey. And I have not had a lot of time to email friends because the library computers kick us off after an hour. But I try sometimes. :)

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