Monday, April 29, 2013

I Am Grateful For the Miracles I Am Able to See Each Day

Anaheim District
Hello everyone!

This week has been great! I already love Fullerton. The ward is really small but the area is great and there are so many amazing people here.

We did a ton of finding and we are looking forward to teaching them this coming week and finding more people.

The elders just found a lady named ________ but she lives in our area so they passed her to us.

She is very ready for the gospel in her life right now. She came to church and loved it! She is super happy to have sisters teaching her because she thinks that her daughter will feel more comfortable now.

She wants her son to learn too. She accepted a baptism date for the 19th of May and seems really excited. Her family is very Catholic but she said that she knows this is where she needs to be. We still have to teach almost all of the lessons so we will be praying that all goes well. 

Well the new missionaries came in on Tuesday. Guess who my companion is! Sister Nnah! Katie Stevens friend. :) (P.S. could you get Katies address and email? Sister Nnah wants it and doesn't have it. Thanks!) She is so cute and fun! 

Sisters Layton, Nnah and Budge
Talking about the new missionaries... I had like three different sisters who are new come up to me and tell me that they read my whole blog because it was the first thing that came up when they typed in Anaheim California in google. How does that even happen!? I don't know whether to think its weird or cool. Haha. 

Anyways, I am loving it here. My companions are so great and this work is amazing. I am grateful for everything I am learning out here and the miracles I am able to see each day. I love my Savior and I love this Gospel. It really does change lives when people allow it to. Well, sorry, I don't have have a lot to say this week. Love you all!

Mom, sister Budges knee is ok now. She tore her ACL and meniscus but had surgery and now its healing. We can't run or anything but she is fine walking on it. She can start running towards the end of June.

Also, I haven't had like any time at all, but hopefully next week I will be able to go through the info that I need for my license. Thanks for everything! Love you :)

~Hermana Layton

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