Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello there!

So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to start. On Tuesday we had the sisters meeting and it was great! President and sister Bowen said that the church is giving us some news about more changes with the sister missionaries. They didn't have all of the information from Salt lake yet but told us that it most likely has something to do with leadership positions for sisters. Well on Wednesday we had district meeting and the zone leaders asked all of the sisters to meet, and said that they had a letter from Salt Lake.

Since our mission is the smallest proselyting mission and since we had 9 different languages, they want us to be a test group of sisters to serve two year missions. They said that we have the option to stay two years or not, and I have thought about it a lot. Well, I have decided to stay here on the mission! I will be coming home the 7th of January 2014. It's crazy they sisters are able to do that now. 

Ok, april fools. I'm still coming home July 16th. Haha.. I had to do something for april fools day right? That would have been sweet though. Well, they did say that they have information for sisters but haven't told us what yet. We should be finding out soon. The sisters meeting was so much fun. I use to know all of the sister in the mission, but there are so many new ones now, and a bunch more coming in soon. It's pretty awesome to see how many new sister are coming out and how excited they are about the work.

This week was super busy. _______ is still doing alright with the word of wisdom. He isn't drinking at all anymore and he has gone from 1 pack of cigarettes every few days to just one a week. He has a desire to quit completely so hopefully soon he can stop. We found a lot of new people again this week and some more great potentials. We are still teaching _______ and she is doing well. She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday but she has been meeting with us almost every day and seems really interested. We talked more about her baptism and she seems to be looking forward to it. We had such an awkward moment with her though. She brought her little baby over and tried to have us hold her but we said we couldn't because we had rules. I guess we didn't explain ourselves very well because the next time we came back she asked us why our religion doesn't let us hold children when Jesus Christ brought all of the children to him and held them and loved them. We felt so bad. She thought that we didn't like kids or something. We explained it to her and the rules that we have as missionaries then told her how much we love children. She understood after that and was herself again. Her two little sons always sit in on the lessons and love reading the book of mormon with us. I love teaching them! :)

Lets see what else... a couple of nights ago our fire alarm went off. It has happened before and usually its nothing so we weren't to worried about it. Well we went outside and there was smoke so we hurried downstairs. It was super close to our apartment and we talked to a lady who was right under it and she said that there was a huge explosion. There were about 8 fire trucks and police cars everywhere.

We were outside for a while and finally we found out that the fire was out even though the alarms were going off. We asked if we could just go back to our room because it was getting pretty late. They made a fireman escort us to our room to make sure everything was ok. Well to make a long story short there was an explosion and then a drug bust. Yeah it was crazy but we are all alive and the fire didn't do anything to our apartment. The fire was on the top floor, and I guess the water went down to all of the apartments under it and it was a pretty big mess but luckily we were a couple over. Anyways, thats my exciting story for the week. 

Love you all! :)

~Sister Layton

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