Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Now Serving in Fullerton

Hello everyone!

I have a lot to tell you this week and not a lot of time so I will try to get it all in. Well, I don't know if I told you but transfers were today and there were a lot of changes. I got a call Thursday night to be a trainer again. I am super excited! Saturday we got our transfer calls and I am now in Fullerton! We get to open a new area! They have never had sisters in the ward and we are so excited to be here. Also, sister Budge came back to the mission and she is my companion again so we will be in a trio. 

It's so good to have her back here in the mission. :) It was hard leaving Anaheim because we had a lot of good things going on with our investigators but I know that sister Rollins and Morley will take care of them. They are great missionaries so I'm not worried. I said goodbye to the members on Sunday which was sad, but I am just happy that my mission is so close to home and I know that I will be able to visit. It definitely makes the goodbyes easier. I know Fullerton is where I am supposed to be now and I am so excited to meet the ward and people here!

We went on exchanges this week and I got to go to my old area in the city of Orange. It was so awesome to be back there! We had dinner with one of the members also were able to visit one of the less actives that I worked with while I was there. While we were knocking doors we found a girl who invited us in. She was super nice but is going through a lot of trials right now. We had a very powerful lesson and she is really looking for the gospel in her life right now. She is going to get baptized but we passed her to the singles ward Elders and they are teaching her now. They said that she is really progressing and doing well over there. It was a great experience to be able to teach her and see her desire to change. 

_______ is doing well. (Note: Section edited out due to personal content.)

When we went to see him we talked about what he needs to do to get ready for baptism and he seemed like he really wanted to do it this time. The sisters want to make sure he really has a testimony, and they still have a few things to teach but hopefully all goes well. 

They are also still teaching ________. We had a pretty cool lesson with her this week. We asked her how she felt when she came to church and she said that she felt an amazing peace and felt like she was out of this world. She said that she felt very calm. Well we also met her husband this week but he doesn't like us. He wasn't happy that _________ and the boys want to come to our church and he didn't want to listen to us. Hopefully ________ will still want to come with the boys but we'll see what happens.

Saturday we had a big service project and we did all kinds of things, We painted, dusted, raked, picked up leaves, and pulled a bunch of weeds. It was actually tons of fun! I was able to see a lot of members from Orange and other missionaries that I haven't seen in awhile  The mission is so great!! I love it!!! Ok, I have to go before the computer kicks me off. 

Love you all! BYE!

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