Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To the MTC

 We dropped Briana off at the Redmond airport yesterday morning just after 11:00 AM. Briana's good friend Kelsey Briggs and her parents were there. Kelsey's on her way back to BYU Provo and they were able to travel together. After spending some time in the lobby, it was time for her to move through security and on to the plane. So she and Kelsey went through while Brenda and I stayed in the lobby. That was our "goodbye".
Below is a picture I snapped as she made her way through the security area.

Kelsey was so considerate. She texted Brenda when they arrived in Salt Lake City, and then from Salt Lake City to Provo as they continued on the shuttle. We knew where she at just about every point. We were even able to talk with Briana on the phone one more time.

Later that evening we received a text message from Ricky Pullan, Briana's cousin who is an instructor at the MTC and a BYU student. He sent the picture below. They are with Alexa Pullan and Chris Layton, also BYU students. We also heard that Briana was going to be able to listen to Elder Uchtdorf speak later that evening. Pretty good first day, huh?


  1. Love it and love her! Thanks for sharing

  2. We're so proud of her. She will be a great missionary!