Thursday, January 12, 2012

Called to Be a Representative of Jesus Christ

This week has been so great! Hermana Hunter moved up to the advanced class and now my companion is Hermana Andreason. She leaves in 3 weeks for Guatemala so I am going to get two new companions. Hermana Andreason is a lot of fun. She reminds me so much of Erica Marley!! They have the exact same personality, it's so funny!

This week for devotional Elder Nelson came. It was awesome! Our district president said that it was probably a rumor that the prophet was coming which was too bad.
This week we continued to teach our investigator Martin. He accepted a date to be baptized finally and we are teaching him again tonight. We are getting new investigators soon.
Spanish is hard but it is slowly coming. On Sunday we walked to the temple and this morning we got to go through. I love the temple so much and am so happy that we get to go each week.
The food here was really good the first week but it gets old pretty fast. We get gym time almost every day. The soccer fields are closed so we are supposed to stay in the gym. I played basketball one day but usually end up playing volleyball. I always accidentally kick it though.
Haha! I really like my district, we do almost everything together. The two sisters that I will be companions with when Hermana Andreason leaves are headed to Arizona and I will be with them the rest of the time. Most of the Elders in our district are going to Anaheim. I think there are at least 5 of them. It will be nice to know people on the plane ride over there. I love being here SO much! I am probably going to live here forever if they let me. But seriously I am so happy and I love the spirit here. I am so grateful that that I have been called to be a representative of Jesus Christ and wear his name wherever I go.
Please tell the Hallmans that I love the bracelet so much! And mom, I wear the watch every day. They don't really have clocks around.
Thank you sooooo much for the package!! We have dinner at 4:30 every day and sometimes I get get pretty hungry at night so the candy was great. Feel free to send more! ;) Thank you for all of the letters! I am going to try and write back to everyone soon! Tell Sean that he is in trouble because he said that he was going to write more than anyone and I haven't heard from him at all. Curtis and Eric write too! How about for FHE? Miss you all so much, love you!

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