Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another "Amazing Week" in the MTC

Sister Layton & Ricky Pullan (cousin)
It´s been another amazing week. The temple was great, like always! We woke up at five this morning to do laundry so that we have more time to write during our free time. Hopefully I will have time to write everyone back. Thank for all of the letters!!

It was so awesome seeing Ricky yesterday! I´m glad he sent you a picture. Now that I know where he works I will definitely go visit more often when I have time.
I got a new companion this week. again... haha! She is my 6th one!! I didn´t know I was that hard to live with but hopefully this one sticks around longer.
Mom you asked about the investigators. They are our teachers role playing investigators so no they are not real. Thank goodness because I´ve said some really weird things on accident. Haha!

The lessons have been hard since I have had so many companions. We keep starting over with new investigators so that we can both know what is going on in the lesson. Spanish is hard but I do feel like it is coming. I can understand quite a bit.

There was a fireside the other night and the first talk was in Spanish. It was so cool! I could understand most of what she said. It is definitely harder speaking though.
Sisters Layton and Hunter (First Companion)
MTC District In Front of Provo Temple
That is so cool that Chanel got called into the nursery! She is so lucky. I miss those kids soooo much! Well, I am about out of time. I am so grateful to be here at the MTC. The church is true, I know it! Love ya´ll!
(It was short but we also got snail mail letters last week. She's doing great!)

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