Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Just Stare At Them With a Confused Look

Hola! We went to the temple again this morning. What a great way to start the day!! This week we have two new investigators that we are teaching. This time they are our teachers. I'm glad they are not real investigators, because sometimes I just stare at them with a confused look when they are trying to tell me something.

My companion Hermana Andreason leaves this Tuesday for the Guatemala MTC! She had a hard week because she doesn't want to leave. She will be great though!

Dad in your letter you asked what my favorite part of the MTC is. It is definitely the spirit I feel here. It is so amazing! I love the devotionals and the music. My least favorite part... well when I read that I sat there for a while trying to come up with something and I couldn't. Haha.

I know I have said this before, but I have amazing teachers. Spanish can be hard sometimes but Heavenly Father knows that we can do it and he trusts me. I just have to do my best, and he does the rest.

Grandma Layton I love your letters every week! You asked a few questions. When the general authorities come they talk to all the missionaries together. Also there is a temple in my mission, it's the Newport beach temple (picture is on the Blog header) and I do think that we will get to go often which I am excited for. There is no place I would rather be right now. I have learned that Heavenly Father knows me more than I know myself and I need to trust Him. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, and I know that without a doubt. I am on a mission because I know that they Gospel can bring so much joy into our lives. I know it is true and I love it! Thank you everyone for the letters and all of the support! I love you all! :)

I get plenty of rest but usually it takes me about 30 min to fall asleep because my brain wont be quiet with all the spanish sentences going through my head! Haha! Curtis, mom said you wrote me a letter, I cant wait to get it!!  Please tell Brother Bone thank you!

I love you all so much. Tell Sean that I am writing him soon and that I really miss him. Eric, prepare now for your mission. Read your scriptures every day and pray. Adios!


  1. Dear Sis. Layton:
    Thank you sure reminding me to trust Heavenly Father. It's sooo much easier for me too tell Him what to do! How's that working out for me, you ask? Let's just say I'm losing weight from all the fasting I need to do to get ONE of us to listen ;-)

    My daughter, Olivia Van Ry, has her mission medical today. I'll let you know when/where she is going when we know.

    I'm watching your folks for you; they seem to be holding up pretty well.

    Take care,

    Sis Condon

    1. We heard that was happening. Keep us in the loop Helen.