Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Set Apart

Briana was set apart tonight to serve as a missionary by President Steve Rau. People keep asking me how I'm doing - if I'm sad. I know it's going to be hard saying goodbye tomorrow, but I'm really okay. I know she's going to be blessed, that she's going to be a very good missionary and that the Lord will magnify her. I believe very specific blessings will come because of her service too.

After the blessing, we returned home, had a nice family scripture study from D&C 20. The Lord calls the testimony of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon proof. He says that the witnesses are "proving to the world that the holy scriptures are true" by their testimony.

Ineteresting enough, earlier in the day I had watched a video by William Hamblin on the Witnesses. Here it is.

Dr. Hamblin provides an powerful argument that their testimony really is proof of the truth of the restoration.
Tomorrow we set out for the Redmond airport at about 11:00 AM to drop her off. We'll miss her of course, but this is going to be really good. It's exciting.

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